Autera provides trusted technology development services across various industry verticles such as Healthcare, Finance, E-Commerce and others. Our expertise and proven track record guarantees clients get fast professional service.

Software Development Services

Autera provides software solutions to get you from Concept to Go-Live! Our software engineers are skilled in Big Data Analytics, Desktop and Web Based systems; including Microsoft Technologies (.NET C#/F#/VB WPF, MVC, ASPX, MSSQL 2008-2016, BizTalk), Reporting software such as Tableau, Javascript/HTML5 (Jquery, AngularJS, Node.JS etc.), MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle Databases, other object oriented languages such as Java and C++. All lead engineers are Senior Developers with 10+ years of experience. Each implementation is executed with Rapid Development and Agile methodologies which ensure customers can see Proof of Concept systems in advance of delivering the complete implementation. For all implementations, Autera offers Cloud Hosted solutions where no internal IT or server infrastructure is required or client deployed solutions that can be maintained by internal IT staff and infrastructure.

  • Project Management
    Our consultants have deep knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle and the common challenges in delivering small to large scale projects. Each implementation is fully scoped and documented in a Statement of Work in advance of delivery which is then executed through an iterative and agile implementation process accompanied by change management to guarantee projects complete on time and on budget.
  • Application Support
    Each implementation will be accompanied by user acceptance testing support, go-live support and an optional ongoing production support which may be accompanied by maintenance agreements for future enhancements and upgrades.
  • System Integration
    Autera has extensive experience in system integration development such as integrating disperate accounting systems in the event of a company merger or simple file transformation to load client data feeds.

Process Automation

Autera Process Automation Services

Autera can automate business processes and free your staff for more productive and profitable work.

Business Intelligence

Autera has a wide breadth of out of the box functionality for BI Analytics Dashboards, data-warehousing and Big Data solutions provided with Smart Analytics Machine Learning. In addition to our software solutions our consultants have extensive experience in designing customized data warehousing solutions and implementing third party business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and customized JavaScript reporting tools such as D3 and KendoUI.

Powerful Analytics

Extensive suite of visualization controls

Big Data Solutions

Our consultants have worked directly with Microsoft Labs pushing the limits of current database technologies on the best commercially available hardware.

Smart Analytics

Our Analytical libraries will automatically alert you to spikes in your data and help drive business decisions.

Interactive Dashboards

Full breakdown of data movements to identify key performance drivers


Pivot and drilldown on any data set of any size and structure

System Integration

Plug-and-Play interfaces to integrate disperate data sets to one unified data model.

Merger and Acquisition Support

Our services group can integrate and merge data sets often helpful for onboarding external data sets common in company Merger and Acquisitions

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